United Airlines has selected the FlightSafety Academy in Vero Beach, Florida, for its Aviate cooperative pilot recruitment and development program.

FlightSafety Academy
Image credit: FlightSafety International

“We are pleased that United Airlines has selected the FlightSafety Academy to support its Aviate program,” said Steve Gross, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “The Academy’s reputation for quality, and its commitment to train pilots for safe aircraft operations, will help United Airlines recruit and prepare candidates to fly as First Officers. This is another example of the highly effective training solutions and services the Academy has provided to airlines around the world for over 53 years.”

Aviate offers flight students and commercial pilots a career path to potential employment with United Airlines. Candidates who apply and are selected to join Aviate, will receive clear direction on the qualifications and milestones that must be achieved based on their current experience level. This will enable them to build the flight hours needed to prepare for a potential position with accelerated flow thru to United Airlines as a First Officer.

FlightSafety Academy offers a programs tailored to the specific needs of airlines, government and military agencies, cargo, corporate flight departments, other flight training organizations, and individuals with no prior flight experience.