EURAMEC have signed an exclusive agreement with AeroCircular to upcycle Airbus A320 Cockpits and Fuselages for Premier Flight Training solutions.

"AeroCircular has a stunning business model," said Bert Buyle, CEO EURAMEC. "Instead of scrapping an aircraft and thrashing state of the art technology and high-value hardware, we upcycle cockpits and aircraft fuselage for top of the line Premier simulation training at an affordable budget."

Airbus, anticipating a 4.4% annual traffic growth, expect 37,400 new passenger and dedicated freighter aircraft across the next two decades. This will require a continuous investment program by carriers and operators. Ensuring an appropriate supply of skilled, talented flight crews is crucial to underpin the world’s aviation sector.
EURAMEC said it operates a win-win solution for airlines and flight schools. It's Premier Flight Training catalogue offers solutions for both cockpit crew / cabin crew and ground maintenance teams.
"We re-use and upcycle entire A320 cockpits to provide new recruits as well as experienced pilots the genuine A320 series cockpit experience," Buyle added.

"The electronics and the wiring are rebuilt by us to interface with the training modules. Ensuring an optimal flying experience at an acceptable cost per flying hour."

Belgium-based EURAMEC builds flight simulators and delivers integrated services to commercial flight training centers, military and government agencies. It also caters for private flying schools–providing a turnkey high-fidelity flight simulation solution to customers worldwide.