Korean Aviation College (KAC), a flight training centre in Uljin, South Korea, has bought an Alsim AL172 simulator.

The AL172 is a replica of the Cessna 172SP Skyhawk NAVIII. It features real Garmin G1000 NXI avionics and the Alsim High Definition Visual System (HDVS).

The AL172, thanks to VFR-VS, provides students with the sense of motion in a fixed-base device. The simulator can cater for even the most basic PPL training, cutting down time and costs required in an aircraft, besides instrument and other flight training.

Young Song, from Korean Aviation College, said the company chose the simulator for its low cost, quality and extended warranty.

"We are truly confident that our new Alsim FTD AL172 will lead our students to the highest level of quality pilot. We’ve been seeking for a supplier that provides a great after-sale support. Moreover, we are so happy and proud of being an Alsim partner."