BAA Training Vietnam has added a second Airbus A320 FFS at its Ho Chi Minh facility. The A320neo has been qualified by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV) to provide pilot training.

The new SIM International manufactured Airbus A320 FFS is a high-fidelity Level D qualified simulator. With a modular design, long life COTS products and a standardized product baseline, it ensures minimal training interruptions. New technological solutions allow for a greater focus on the competency-based training.

BAA Training Vietnam Second

"Competency-based training allows us to develop pilot skills, which enables them to handle unforeseen situations," said Egle Vaitkeviciute, CEO at BAA Training. "Naturally our prime focus is to use all the possible tools and approaches towards such training."

BAA Training Vietnam opened in September with its first Airbus A320ceo full flight simulator. This training device has already reached its full utilisation.

The second device extends capacity up to 14,600 hours annually. By 2021, they will add two more FFS.

BAA Training Vietnam second

Besides the second full flight simulator, BAA Training Vietnam has also installed a firefighting training device – V9000 Commander. The device trains cabin crew members on how to act in case of emergency.