Las Vegas travel company Allegiant have opted to use PRODEFIS TPMS for its electronic training management

Allegiant and Germany-based PRODEFIS are undertaking a joint venture to develop Allegiant’s Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) flight training endeavour on PRODEFIS’ suite of training management solutions.

Allegiant will use PRODEFIS TPMS for developing their AQP Program Audit Database documentation. It will integrate it into managing and conducting their AQP on the TPMS platform.

PRODEFIS LMS Bridge will enable a seamless integration with their third party LMS. PRODEFIS E-FILE will allow for moving to electronic management of their personnel files and for record keeping.

Arvand Varahram, Managing Director at PRODEFIS, was proud of the deal. "It underscores not only our initial entry into the U.S. marketplace but, more importantly, our commitment to fully support training under the AQP methodology."