Blackshape and Transavia Airlines have signed an exclusive teaming relationship to enhance initial and recurrent training of Transavia pilots.

Transavia started its own initial pilot training program last year. The program also leverages an existing partnership with Zelf Vliegen, an ATO in Lelystad, Netherlands.

They will use the Blackshape Gabriel 160 during the basic flying training, the core phase of the Transavia MPL-course.

Part of the core phase includes basic Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT). Transavia selected the Blackshape Basic Trainer. It said it started a strategic partnership with Blackshape for its "innovative character and drive to evolve on the training system".

The companies’ current agreement includes the use of eAircraft software from Boeing Global Services which supports the development of evidence based training. Companies collect and analyse training data as to increase the effectiveness of the initial pilot training.

Blackshape, headquartered in Italy, is part of the Angel Group.