A taskforce of volunteer British Airways employees, including cabin crews and logistics teams, will be assisting efforts against coronavirus in the UK. “We’ve had an overwhelming response to our request for volunteers from across British Airways to help in the community fight against coronavirus,” said BA Director of External Communications and Sustainability, Louise Evans.

Cabin crews are trained in first aid and dealing with high-stress situations, making them a great fit for volunteer positions in the NHS (UK National Health Service). Employees from logistical operations have skills in the procurement and transport of medical supplies.

BA employees in customer-facing roles are encouraged to help charities like Age UK in their efforts to assist isolated individuals who may be struggling during lockdown.

British Airways CEO Alex Cruz posted on his personal LinkedIn account: “Our British Airways team, incredible! Whilst a few of us are working, 1000s of BA colleagues are supporting the NHS, emergency services, British Red Cross, etc…”

BA is avoiding mass lay-offs but has been forced to furlough around 36,000 employees across the business.