TOFINO expands FlightLogger’s presence in France by joining their training management platform.

FlightLogger aims to minimize the hassle of starting a new flight school with the latest software and handling the implementation of all required flight training data on the platform, letting the flight school focus on running their operation. Once FlightLogger received all training manuals and operational data, the implementation team initiated the process of transferring all training data into their new account. Once the account was ready FlightLogger representatives travelled to TOFINO’s office in Paris to provide training and assistance in setting up their account and preparing TOFINO for their new digital life.

TOFINO is located in Le Touquet in the north-west of France, but has offices in Paris.  They manage a big fleet with aircraft including the PC12 to Diamond 42 and Cirrus SR22, offering training in en-route IFR, BG-IR with MEP or SEP and much more.