FlightSafety International has applied its manufacturing resources to produce medical safety products and introduced a new online learning approach to support pilot currency requirements and maintenance training during the COVID-19 crisis.

All image credits: FlightSafety International

“Our teammates at FlightSafety Simulation in Broken Arrow are proud to contribute to the safety of medical professionals through their design and production of 3-D printed medical grade respirators (masks),” said Scott Goodwin, Vice President, Simulation.

The respirators are protective devices designed for a close facial fit to help filter airborne particles. In partnership with a non-profit agency, FlightSafety manufacturing staff are producing the three main rigid components of the masks which the partner organization then fits with a seal, filter and straps and delivers to health professionals working in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area, to help keep them safe while treating COVID-19 patients.


“Our innovative approach to delivering the ground school portion of pilot recurrent training and maintenance classes online through our instructor-led system is helping pilots and technicians to remain current and proficient without the need to travel to a Learning Center,” said Brian Moore, Senior Vice President, Operations.

FlightSafety began delivering instructor-led online courses for pilots in early April and will soon offer more than 20 aircraft type-specific courses. The company is also providing maintenance courses through its LiveLearning system and has scheduled over 100 events.