Real life is about reacting quickly, creatively and professionally to the challenges at hand, especially when they could not have been envisioned. Having training data within a training management system is crucial when you need to react with critical real-time data to facilitate rapid decision making.

Alongside their trusted clients, Evoke have been monitoring the regulatory changes regarding aviation license extensions across the world. Many of their customers have already been in touch requesting amendments to rules and validity periods during this new exemption period.

During the unprecedented impact COVID-19 has had on the aviation industry Evoke have supported their Training Management Teams with rapid, efficient and accurate data to allow them to quickly make informed decisions. These new solutions for their customers have been turned around within 24-48 hours.

Through the EFOS Training Management Suite, Evoke have introduced a digital solution to deliver quick and immediate results, helping their customers to overcome some of the operational challenges caused by the pandemic. Through their customers, EFOS is approved for use within several different regulatory bodies, including the CAA, IAA and the GCAA.

Evoke has now put together a specific COVID-19 Validity Extension self-serve solution within their EFOS Training Management Suite. The proposal includes a dedicated form or course that allows Training Managers to selectively update the qualifications for their users based on the extensions available. This is supplemented by a number of analysis reports available within the query engine module that will allow monitoring of users within the extension period. Audit reports showing where these extensions have been granted can then be used to enable reporting to the airline’s regulatory authority and inspectors. Evoke clients utilising the DocStore can use this to host and distribute training materials, whilst the exams module can be used for online remote assessments. Dashboards provide a holistic overview and visual representation of each airlines extension process, enabling Training Mangers to track the movement of dates and assist the re-balance of the training programme when operations recommence.