Together with Bohemia Interactive Simulations, FlightSafety and HTX Labs, Varjo is showcasing for the first time in this industry its VR-2 virtual reality headset with integrated eye tracking, VR-2 Pro HMD with advanced hand and eye tracking, and XR-1 Developer Edition, its mixed reality video pass-through HMD, at I/ITSEC 2019, which takes place from December 2-5 in Booth 1393.

The VR-2 and VR-2 Pro deliver a natural experience needed for tactical training and simulation, enabling pilots to read the finest of cockpit text and to see other aircraft at realistic visibility ranges. The Varjo VR-2 Pro features integrated Ultraleap hand tracking technology, which enables more intuitive interactions with the highest-fidelity VR content.

With 20/20 Eye Tracker technology, Varjo’s products give professionals access to precise eye data for detailed review and analysis.

Visitors at I/ITSEC can also check out the first photorealistic mixed reality HMD with real-time video pass-through – Varjo’s XR-1 Developer Edition. The XR-1 Developer Edition enables professionals in simulation and training to develop and interact with photorealistic 3D models while collaborating with others in real life. And, they can switch seamlessly between XR and full VR – bringing the benefits of both worlds into one device.