Trideum’s first entry into the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge (SGSC) allows players to assume the role of their adversary to improve defensive strategies on real-world networks and hone skills for white hat and ethical hacker cyber-attacks. 

X-Hacker is a digital board game style experience that strategically teaches cyber terminology and conceptual models. The game is aimed to support Cyber Security operations for the Department of Defense and corporate clients by training employees to detect, and defend against, network and device vulnerabilities. Players start with simple, open-source tools deployed against businesses without firewalls, and eventually build their own payloads for use against customized targets discovered after careful intel gathering.

In the future, Trideum will implement advanced levels that will educate military cyber forces on methods and tactics in ethical hacking. 

“One of the most important aspects of X-Hacker is to allow the player to imagine the motivations, goals and methods actual hackers use thereby allowing the user to take preventative measures in protecting their information and networks,” said Favio Lopez, Trideum chief operations officer. 

X-Hacker is available at the I/ITSEC SGSC area or at Trideum booth #2626.