Saab has signed a contract for a mid-life upgrade programme of the German Army’s AGDUS combat vehicle simulators. The order value is 180 MSEK, and deliveries will take place in 2020-2022.

Image credit: Saab

The German Army took a first step in modernising their military training capability in 2017 when Saab provided them with the open laser code U-LEIS. This gave the German Army increased interoperability, which allowed them to participate in multinational military exercises. This order represents the next step in this process and includes changing obsolete hardware as well as installing new software on all vehicles, which are planned to be in use by the army until at least 2030.

The contract means that the German Army’s AGDUS BT 46 system is being upgraded to the latest generation technology. The upgrade includes high fidelity training, wireless technology and augmented reality injected into sights. It also integrates with fire control systems, provides true vehicle silhouette and full ballistic laser simulation. The system is configurable for different vehicle platforms and compatible with previous generations.