During I/ITSEC 2019, Moog Inc. and Havelsan A.S agreed to a contract extension through 2020 in which Moog will provide Havelsan with motion bases that power full-flight simulation trainers for various military and civilian fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. Havelsan will use the new Moog motion bases, in part, to meet the needs of several military programs the company recently won. Moog previously delivered Havelsan five motion bases, which were used to construct level D full flight simulators for Turkish Airlines.

The team from Havelsan and Moog gather in Orlando, Florida, at the I/ITSEC Simulation & Training Conference in December 2019 after signing an agreement for additional full flight simulator motion bases. Image credit: Moog.

“We understand how to design state-of-the-art motion components to increase simulation fidelity,” said Ronald Kortekaas, European sales manager for Simulation & Test at Moog. “We also understand the business concerns for Havelsan and its clients: Precision flying is the result of precise training. With high-fidelity training, airlines can greatly increase a pilot’s ability to safely get his or her crew and passengers to their destination.”