This month the Patient Safety Movement Foundation is highlighting Kaiser Permanente for making formal commitments to reach ZERO preventable patient deaths by 2030.

Kaiser Permanente, Northern California in Oakland, has made an initial commitment in alignment with several Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) including #2D Ventilator-associated Pneumonia,  #2E C. diff, #2F CLABSI, #3A Medication Errors, and #14A, Falls and Fall Prevention in Adults.

For APSS #2D, Kaiser Permanente was able to identify gaps in their current improvement strategy. Kaiser has fully implemented their HAP Reduction program and will plan for sustainability this year.

For APSS #2E, Kaiser Permanente has implemented all of the PSMF's recommendations in their original plan. They have established a sustainability governance structure in order to promote shared learning, monitor and respond to drift.

Using APSS #2F, Kaiser Permanente identified gaps in their planned interventions and has successfully implemented all of the PSMF's recommendations in their plan.

For APSS #3A Kaiser Permanente will continue to hardwire the interventions outlined in their overall plan, with a significant focus on getting strict adoption in the use of Smart Pumps.

Since the start of Kaiser's commitment, they have utilized the PSMF's APSS #14A  to identify any gaps in current mitigation plans. This year, Kaiser has identified an opportunity to improve in sharing their falls performance in patient facing areas. The full commitment update can be found on the PSMF website.