Cubic Defence UK, which operates within its Cubic Global Defense (CGD) business division, was awarded a contract worth more than $35 million to continue its support for the training of the British Army. The three-year contract is for support and repair of the Area Weapons Effects Simulator (AWES) System at Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) in the United Kingdom and at British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) in Alberta, Canada.

“We value our longstanding partnership with the British Army and we are pleased to continue our training support,” said Mike Knowles, president of Cubic Global Defense. “This contract award extends the work we have accomplished together to effectively advance the British Ministry of Defence training experience and standard.”

AWES and its integrated Tactical Engagement Simulation (TES) system simulates large-scale force-on-force combat exercises, including the effects of direct fire, artillery, mortar fire, mines and air-delivered munitions as well as nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. AWES also tracks and monitors the actions and positions of more than 1,400 individual soldiers and 250 vehicles using GPS technology, records “hits,” “kills” and “near misses” of small-arms fire with Cubic’s Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) technology and recreates combat exercises for post-mission analysis.

Cubic developed and installed the AWES system under a contract awarded in 1998. Installation work was completed at the 150-square mile Salisbury Plain training area in late 2002 and the following year at BATUS, a sprawling 1,100-square-mile training area that the British Army leases from the Canadian government for combat exercises.