Osso VR, a validated Virtual Reality (VR) surgical training platform, is rolling out a new training experience in VR with an exceptional level of visual fidelity surrounding every aspect, from anatomical detail to the OR environment. This immersive experience is a result of Osso VR’s unique creative team makeup, consisting of a contributor to an Oscar-winning VR film and the world’s largest medical illustration team with alums from Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Apple. 

For the first time, big-budget film and game studios are bringing their capabilities to medical VR to deliver solutions that are clinically accurate and emotionally compelling, preparing an entire generation to train in a new way while improving healthcare outcomes around the world. 

More than 1,000 surgeons train on Osso’s VR experience monthly to practice surgeries for steps and accuracy, and now they now have access to an environment that’s truly like being in an OR, increasing adherence. The platform is designed to aid trainees to address complexities in learning new procedures and to use novel medical devices by providing realistic, haptic-enhanced interactions in an immersive training environment that is repeatable.