New Zealand based, Pacific Simulators (PacSim) have launched their new range of generic and FAA and EASA certified Flight Training Devices (FTD’s).

Whilst the world has been in turmoil and lockdown with the shock of COVID-19, the team at PacSim have been busy working on the development, and now release, of their ‘Next Generation’ of simulators and technology.

The new range of PacSim FTD’s are available in several different levels including open, semi-enclosed and fully enclosed models. They are also available in generic or certified configuration for the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 versions. This is particularly useful for smaller flight schools looking for an entry-level airline bridging product right through to airlines and airline training centres.

Director of Operations, Russell Hubber spearheaded the project over the last 18 months, “We decided we would build a device that hit the mark on several fronts. The certification criteria for FAA, EASA and ICAO was obviously the most critical, which has now been satisfied by our new high-level avionics’ software. But surprisingly, when we talked to many of our existing and prospective clients about what they were looking for in an FTD, whilst functionality was important, the look of the product was just as important”.

“Our Next Gen PS4.5 has a large Instructor Station which we manufactured with input from the people who use it the most; the FSI’s (Flight Simulator Instructors). By also drawing from various design studios and emulating the look of contemporary full flight simulators, I believe we now have the best looking FTD on the market”.