The UK Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) innovation scheme has awarded a triple-figure contract to Polystream to develop a prototype deployable ‘plug and play’ synthetic training technology. This portable system contains Polystream’s command streaming technology and it can be dropped into any terrain to deliver virtual 3D interactive training to 30 army soldiers, over legacy hardware.

Currently, for a majority of simulation training scenarios, soldiers have to be brought back from the field where training is then delivered in static classroom locations using traditional approaches. Polystream’s approach leveraging their platform will enable immersive training to be deployable in any environment, whether it be in a tent or tank shed, in a jungle or desert. Enabling a whole platoon to benefit from scenario-based training whilst they are in the field will equip them with life-saving skills much more quickly.

Polystream, implemented in a ‘cloud in a box’, will deliver high-fidelity scenario-based training applications via a partnership with Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim). Multiple learning modules take place in virtual terrains of real training areas using the latest military kit to teach the latest tactical and operational skills. BISim’s Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3) powers the Defense Virtual Simulation (DVS) programme, which is the common virtual simulation tool that the UK Ministry of Defence uses to enable interoperable, accessible and deployable virtual simulation capabilities.

Designed specifically for complex 3D interactive content and applications, Polystream has reimagined streaming. Its Command Streaming technology leverages the elastic power of the cloud to deliver, compute, and use everyday consumer-type devices to render locally, bringing the best of both together to provide scale without the traditional cost or complexity. Its ‘cloud in the box’ prototype has been developed to stream 30 instances of the software, the size of an average army platoon.

The technology will enable the military to extend the lifetime of its kit, as the training can be delivered on old or existing computers.  Additionally, the ‘cloud in the box’ will also have a secure networked capability, which means that geographically dispersed training operations can be conducted efficiently and with minimal costs across the globe – able to scale to multiple platoons at the same time if and when required. Current trials with the UK Ministry of Defence have progressed well and the final trials of the technology will be witnessed by the UK Defence Community before field deployment.

Bruce Grove, CEO and Founder of Polystream said, “The application opportunities for synthetic training for the UK defence sector cannot be understated. It’s been great making sure our Platform works on a ruggedized rack, enabling the delivery of Command Streaming technology in any environment, which soldiers can test and break it in. We look forward to expanding upon this project with the Ministry of Defence, potentially with operational trials for larger groups and use cases.”

Oli Arup, Product Management SVP, Bohemia Interactive Simulations: “Polystream’s technology offers a unique approach to cloud deployment of military training simulations. Its approach provides flexibility and adaptability within military network architectures where access to public cloud resources isn’t always available.”