PLEXSYS recently revealed Launch Control 2.5. This software was created to allow a single user to quickly configure and start an entire software session, with dozens of workstations, running multiple applications, from one central location. Whether the session is intended for operational or training needs, having Launch Control provides the user with an easy button to manage the environment. Launch Control ensures the correct configuration is applied to each workstation and drastically reduces environment setup time by eliminating the need to configure each workstation manually.

As software applications become more powerful in terms of features, they also become more challenging to configure. Configuring a whole system often takes proportionately more time and is error-prone. Launch Control mitigates this, enabling a single person to configure and start the system within minutes. System monitoring is available so potential problems can be identified quickly. System logs can be retrieved for offline review and analysis. Shutdown is quick, complete, and reliable, allowing the user to reconfigure the system immediately. Once the configuration parameters are in place, the configuration can be saved into the Launch Control configuration file and loaded at a later time.

“Our customers care about reducing system complexity and tailoring network systems to their use cases. For that reason, we have developed Launch Control to cut through this complexity and put a single user in control of the system,” said Davor Braut, PLEXSYS Utilities Product Manager. “Launch Control’s administration features allow the user to configure, start, monitor, and shutdown the whole system from a central location, with minimal training.”

Some key features include station resource utilization reporting, centralized application monitoring, support for multiple simultaneous sessions, and more.