In a recent survey, 80% of respondents from the civil aviation training community told CAT they had changed their business model as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.

So have we. For the better, we think.

Some of our changes were in process before the virus overwhelmed the world and the airline industry. Example: the new website. We’ve been working for months on creating a much more dynamic digital presence, and we’ve adopted an e-publishing platform which not only offers timely training community news, it incorporates an extensive archive of features reflecting best practice across civil aviation, military training, and training for other safety-critical industries.

Quite possibly, the new is the most comprehensive source of information and analyses of the topics which impact these unique and vital businesses.

The new platform also enables us to develop more varied formats and material, such as the new webinar series, launched last month with #RestartingTheEngines: Pilots, Recency and Requalifying (which you can watch by clicking here). Think of the webinars as an online version of one of our sessions at WATS: subject experts presenting on a topic of high interest, interacting with each other and with the audience. After the enforced hiatus of this spring when we were required to cancel the Orlando conference, we’re seeing a pent-up demand for the sharing of ideas. We’d like to hear which topics you’d like to have discussed in a future webinar, and if you’re a SME interested in participating, let us know that too.

The new web capabilities will also enable audio and video interviews with industry leaders, blogs, guest commentary, and more.

Consider, too, our new Global Simulation and Training Community, a subscription service which offers members unlimited access to all of our digital content within the domains we serve. Membership in the Community will also give you a passcode to the MS&T and SCT membership resources as well -

In addition, given the virtually unlimited space of a website, we’re delivering some deep-dive features which are not possible within the confines of a print publication. For example, the online version of “FAA-Boeing Launching MAX 2.0” by award-winning Robert W. Moorman, a longtime CAT contributor, runs about 5,000 words, compared with half that many in the print magazine. Want to know more about something; go to our website – you will probably find several articles around the subject.

Oh, CAT magazine continues. In digital form, of course, as has been the case for several years. You’ll still see it on a regular basis online, plus print copies at key industry events, particularly at Halldale’s WATS, AAETS, APATS, EATS and SCT conferences and exhibitions.

By the way, the live Halldale events which have been annual touchstones for the simulation and training community will continue once conditions on the ground permit. Until then, we’re planning some innovative virtual engagements which will facilitate connections with your colleagues from around the world. Our first virtual conference, the 17th Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium, will be held 8-10 September. For details, check out

You may be familiar, too, with our e-Newsletters, issued each week. These highlight several of the latest news stories and company announcements, as well as significant feature articles from the website and magazines.

I’ve been reading the Halldale publications from their inception more than three decades ago. I’ve had the privilege of writing for them for more than 20 years. Halldale Group are the only publishers entirely dedicated to the education, training and simulation communities across multiple industries. Because of this focus, and the passion of people who have been immersed in these communities for much of their careers, our experienced, global team consistently produces high-quality material which is relevant, reliable, accurate and actionable for your organisation.

The pandemic has been traumatic for our industries and our training community. But it has also reinforced and reinvigorated our mission to become an even more valued resource for you in pursuing your missions.