The Indian Navy has inked a contract with state-owned shipbuilder Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) for a Damage Control Simulator (DCS). Indian media reports indicate that the new DCS will be based at Port Blair in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. To date, five DCS’ have been built by GSL for the Navy and a sixth has been exported to Myanmar.

The first DCS built by GSL was commissioned in December 2001 at INS Shivaji, which is the premier technical training establishment of the navy and located in the state of Maharashtra. The second DCS was commissioned in 2012 at training establishment INS Venduruthy, located in the state of Kerala. The second DCS was built at a cost of approximately GB£10 million (at then prevailing exchange rates).

The DCS weighs 75 tonne and incorporates a three deck structure, with 19 compartments and five exercise areas. It can simulate a roll of up to 15 degrees and various types of scenarios can be demonstrated such as leaks, high pressure pipe bursts and power failure caused by torpedo or missile hits. Blackout conditions can be simulated and smoke generators are also present. The DCS can accommodate six instructors, three junior sailors and 24 trainees.