Watch the latest episode in our webinar discussion series regarding current training and simulation issues and best practices across civil aviation, military, healthcare and other safety-critical industries. Hosted by CAT Magazine and sponsored by CAE, episode three discussed the use of FFS, FTD and other new technology.

Our specialist panel included:

jacques drappier Philip Adrian square Mark Dransfield FRAeS

Capt Jacques Drappier,
Former Airbus VP                                            

Capt. Philip Adrian
Chief Executive Officer, MPS      

Mark Dransfield FRAeS, 
Co-Founder & Consultant at Sim Ops

The panel discussed topics including:

  • The realities of training today post Covid
  • Economic viability of buying/operating a FSTD (FFS)
  • Future training technologies we should be embracing now (ABLE, VR, etc)
  • Regulatory perspectives on FSTD types and training credits
  • Regulatory updates that will impact the way we use and accredit FSTDs for recurrent and type rating training
  • How this philosophy could be adapted to qualify the new training technologies