The 492nd Special Operations Wing of the U.S. Air Force has implemented Britannica Knowledge Systems’ Fox to streamline and improve its training environments. With the Fox Training Management System (TMS) they enjoy the comprehensive scheduling features that maximize resource management and training schedules for pilots, Weapon Systems Officers (WSOs) and additional crew members.

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The 492nd Wing was managing its courses and scheduling with legacy methods and tools and sought to streamline and digitize their training systems. The ability to use iPads for grading will significantly reduce their time spent on grading and evaluation tasks. All training and evaluation activities can now be digitally monitored throughout the training lifecycle, by all relevant personnel. This centralization and digitization enables standardized comparison of performance in all training activities, and visibility of individual and class performance.

With the consolidation and centralization of their training operations, courses are now standardized for each role, enabling efficiency and more consistent learning and evaluation. The 492nd Wing now benefits from integrated scheduling, grading and more, enabling an improved experience for their users. Fox has been supplied and implemented by Fox Solution Experts from CAE USA, Britannica Knowledge Systems’ long-term partner.