Presagis has won its second Epic MegaGrant for providing simulation content creators with increased access to game engine technology. Through its flagship product, Terra Vista, Presagis is developing an Unreal Engine output compiler that will allow users to export and publish synthetic 3D environments to Unreal.

Terra Vista is a standard in the creation of synthetic environments for use in simulation. By using a wide range of data such as satellite imagery, elevation, vectors, and other GIS data, Terra Vista converts this information into 3D simulation-ready virtual environments. 

Traditionally using the native CDB and OpenFlight formats – among dozens of other possible outputs – Presagis is adding the ability for Terra Vista to output to the Unreal Engine by developing a UE4 output compiler. With this new functionality, Terra Vista users can achieve correlated databases between all of their various simulations – including those in Unreal.

“Game engine technology is an undeniable part of our industry, and Presagis is embracing this fact. Our users are being asked to create environments for a wide range of applications, and outputting to game engine technology is becoming more and more important,” said Jean-Michel Briere, President of Presagis. “Through this Epic MegaGrant, we give our user base the ability to create, recompile, or update their databases to the UE4 format.” 

"Content creation pipelines are sometimes challenging,” explains Seb Loze, Simulations Industry Manager, at Epic Games. “Terra Vista is a widely adopted GIS tool which – through the Presagis VELOCITY process – allows for procedural environment creation using the finesse of dedicated AI rulesets. Next, imagine taking your GIS content in this existing pipeline and, while leveraging the Quixel Megascan library, empowering Terra Vista to create the most beautiful and accurate simulation datasets for your Unreal Engine applications. This sounds really exciting and I can't wait to try it."

In addition to making Terra Vista environments support UE4, Presagis is also making Unreal elements – such as assets and their material definitions – compatible with Terra Vista. Also, procedural assets, such as buildings and bridges, will be directly generated as Unreal assets rather than converting them from the OpenFlight format.