Earlier this year AGD opened their facilities in northern Jutland, Denmark and they are now ready to welcome their first pilot students on their FlightLogger controlled trianing programs. The school was originally founded by a small group of investors but shortly after starting, Michael Olsen became the sole owner of the school, while the other founders still serve in supporting roles. Olsen has a background as an instructor and as well as being Head of Training and accountable manager at AGD, Michael is deeply involved in Great Dane Airlines, which offers chartered flights to the Asian region.

At this point the school only has a small administrative staff and makes use of freelance instructors when Michael and his colleagues are not doing the instruction themselves. And while AGD’s primary target market is local business people who want to learn to fly an aircraft for leisure, the school has also made a promising partnership with the Danish Home Guard, performing type rating and LPC certificate renewal services.

Michael Olsen was no stranger to the digital flight school management platform when he began the dialogue with FlightLogger. He already knew the software from when he was an instructor at another Danish pilot school.

For FlightLogger CEO Kenneth Jeppesen, it is a great pleasure to see a new school like AGD sign up to the solution. “It always makes me happy when somebody who already knows our software chooses us for a new school, because their choice is then based on the actual experienced value from using us. But also, having AGD as our newest partner is a confirmation that our pricing model which is designed to offer fair prices to schools of all sizes and shapes, actually works.”