Aviomar Flight Academy and Ryanair are continuing their partnership as Ryanair kickstarts its Pilot Assessments for the Boeing 737-800 Type Rating at Aviomar’s training centre in Rome, Italy. This new phase in the partnership allows graduates to benefit from Aviomar’s training facilities and Ryanair’s operational expertise in closer proximity.
The 100% pass rate record of Aviomar’s Ryanair Mentored students on their final cadet assessment corresponds to support the needs of a growing network of Ryanair pilots across Europe. Conducting the Pilot Assessments in Aviomar adheres to the commitment to boost a conducive pilot recruitment process in the training centre.
Angelo Currao, Pilot Recruitment Manager at Ryanair: “Ryanair is well positioned to meet pilot recruitment and training targets and grow its aircraft fleet to 585 by financial year 2026. Ryanair is delighted to host assessments in Aviomar’s state of the art training centre in Rome.”

Did you pencil us in? The 23rd World Aviation Training Summit is taking place this June live and in-person.

Being the first Approved Training Organisation to launch APS MCC in Italy, Aviomar is also proud to be Ryanair’s first training partner in Italy for both integrated and modular students. In February 2020, Aviomar became an official Ryanair Pilot Training Partner. Aviomar’s Ryanair Mentored Programme, which commenced in October 2019, gives students a structured path to achieve a training course in preparation for an airline career with Ryanair.