European Airline Training Symposium (EATS) - 2-3 November 2021

Rebuilding a Better Airline Training System

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Events like the European Airline Training Symposium (EATS) have always been an extremely popular way to bring like-minded people together and, in a strange twist, may well be an even more valuable business tool as we emerge from covid than before. 

The opposite was forecast, virtual was to be the way forward, so why the change? Maybe larger communities can only do so much before needing face-to-face discussion and networking. 

The virtual solution has been invaluable in keeping us together through the pandemic. It allowed us to host our CAT Leader Forum webinars, which emerged from our Heads Of Training Series, as well as virtual versions of WATS, EATS and APATS, thanks to our partnership with Modest Tree

However, as we see countries lift quarantine measures and air travel becomes commonplace again, I expect to see the role of virtual meetings evolve once again. People will become increasingly selective on who or what they listen to, only wanting to spend time and money on the market-leading events with the most informative speakers. Our new virtual two-day event hosted with EASA certainly meets those requirements. Hear from EASA and Industry leaders on how new Immersive Technologies can be integrated into training programs. 

And what of the state of the airline training industry? As we come back from the pandemic, we are all seeing differences from where we left things in late 2019, early 2020.

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Can we find the personnel we need across the varied roles of the airline industry? For years airlines have reported that up to 40% of pilots hired have needed significant additional training, so do the selection and recruitment techniques practiced by the best ab initio academies need to be used by all? Can we better hire future captains not simply pilots? Can we train them more cost-effectively and to the standard we need? Are we doing right by the returning workforce? How many of the current and future workforce, male or female, are now prepared to be away from home for long stints or work anti-social hours, without more compensation? How can we increase the size of the possible pilot pool?

It has been two years since the European airline training community has been able to discuss, in person, these and other key issues, eg new training technologies, XR, AI etc and how we might use them to increase training capacity and effectiveness.

EATS, live in Berlin from November 2-3, is perfectly timed to allow in-person discussion of all these key issues with a highly qualified, specifically training-focused group of your colleagues and peers from operators, training providers, industry and regulators.

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to network and check your perceptions!

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