Private-Radar has released its latest Flight School Management System, V6.3. Among many new features, Private-Radar implements Competency-Based Training and Assessment capability (CBTA).

Approved training organizations will be required to assess the competency of student pilots in applying learned theory through practical exercises by January 2022, according to the European framework provided by EASA. Private-Radar’s new CBTA features meet the demands of the industry, making it easy to evaluate students not only by the traditional training method but also by performance orientation, assessing the behavioral indicators required for CBTA.

Founder and CEO of Private-Radar, Prisque Lemblé, explains, “As flight schools face a time of change, transitioning into CBTA, we provide solutions to make it easy for them. It can be confusing for training centers how to implement this change. With our new training assessment tools, flight schools will be sure to be compliant with the latest best practices and CBTA."