• Paragon’s redesigned curriculum receives special FAA approval
  • Full time students can now complete the program in seven months

Paragon Flight Training, in Fort Myers, Florida, has redesigned its Professional Pilot Program, a fast-track training program for individuals seeking to obtain their commercial pilot’s license and pursue a career in the commercial aviation industry.

Paragon Flight’s Professional Pilot Program (P3), designed for full-time students, can now be completed in as few as seven months, with fewer required hours and at a competitive price. Following completion, graduates receive their commercial and certified flight instructor licenses and are given preferential consideration for employment at Paragon as flight instructors.

The redesigned curriculum has received special FAA approval. In addition to a faster training time, those admitted to the program can benefit from new student loan financing options that ease the financial burden of becoming a professional pilot.  

“In the past 36 months, we evaluated every aspect of our legacy career pilot program, from the curriculum and aircraft to the student’s cost and financing options. Our goal was to significantly improve the student’s learning experience – and what we were able to accomplish is second to none in the industry,” said Christopher Schoensee, Paragon Flight Training President and owner. “P3 is a streamlined, safety- and quality-focused program unique to Paragon Flight that prepares highly qualified individuals for a well-paying career as a professional pilot at an accelerated pace. It is an important response to the industry’s desperate need for professionally prepared pilots in commercial airlines that also addresses the practical considerations and costs of professional pilot training.”

To be eligible for the Paragon Professional Pilot Program, candidates must pass an aptitude test and a skills assessment to ensure they possess the foundational skills necessary to endure the rigors of P3 and become an exceptional pilot.  

The announcement of P3 comes on the heels of Paragon Flight taking possession of its first of 10 Piper aircraft, the Piper P100i, slated for delivery in 2022. The acquisitions are part of the five-year fleet modernization component of the company’s long-term strategic plan, which includes the purchase of an additional 40 Piper aircraft over the next five years. Paragon Flight is also in the process of expanding its learning center, adding 9,000 square feet of training space within a 28,000 combined square-foot expansion.