SIMETRI celebrated the opening of its new corporate headquarters, which will help the company maximize its research, development, and prototyping capabilities. The new 15,000-square-foot facility was custom designed to house SIMETRI’s offices, labs, and manufacturing facilities, with approximately 5,000 square feet available for future growth.

The new structure, constructed by Rhodes Building Company, officially opened to a diverse set of industry professionals from Central Florida and beyond. Attendees had the benefit of touring the company’s labs and viewing its next-generation medical simulation training tools up close. The event culminated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony, where SIMETRI Founder and CEO, Angela Albán, sliced through the inaugural band after opening remarks by National Center for Simulation CEO, George Cheros, and Albán’s husband, Bill Reuter.

“In our industry, expansion isn’t only about adding new clients and staff,” Albán said after the ceremony. “It’s also about scientific and technical advancement. The grand opening of this new facility showcases just how far into the future we are planning, logistically, fiscally, and scientifically.”

Complementing its modern office space, conference rooms, common areas, demonstration floor, and fitness center, SIMETRI’s new headquarters houses the expanded manufacturing resources required for its growing range of medical training simulation products, including moulage and part task trainers designed with an array of integrated technology and accompanying software. Much of SIMETRI’s reputation has been built on crafting functional solutions to meet the needs of the U.S. military and then transitioning those products to serve the consumer sector. The company is confident this new facility will help it do both by maximizing its research, development, and prototyping capabilities.

“Our new home was designed with collaboration in mind, internally and externally,” Albán said. “On any given day, we may have a mechanical engineer working alongside a special effects artist and a software engineer. SIMETRI’s domain diversity is a major strength of ours, and our partnerships are just as important. We prioritized a headquarters where we can seamlessly oversee unique projects with our government, private sector, community, and teaming partners in the most productive way imaginable. Inside and outside these new walls, we’re putting the right people together to craft solutions for a brighter future!”