• The new scenarios add to the proficiency training content in the company’s app for general aviation pilots
  • The app prompts pilots to perform a preflight briefing, conduct a flight, review their score, and debrief

Redbird Flight has unveiled three new flight simulator scenarios for its recently launched proficiency training app, Redbird Pro. Developed in partnership with experienced aviation educators from Flying Magazine, Red Eye Aviation, and the Learn to Turn program, the scenarios pose realistic challenges for pilots designed to improve their knowledge and skills in multiple areas of proficiency.

The first of the new scenarios, “Asymmetric Flap,” places pilots in a situation where they must manage an airplane with only one flap extended. Led by Eric Crump of Red Eye Aviation, the three-for-one scenario challenges pilots to take off, fly, and land while their wings exert asymmetrical forces on the airplane.

“One Snapped Cable” presents additional issues with the aircraft that pilots need to overcome to perform a safe landing. Led by CFI Meg Godlewski, who is a technical editor and staff writer at Flying Magazine, the scenario requires pilots to learn how to stabilize the airplane when one primary method of control fails.

Finally, Rich Stowell of the Learn to Turn program takes the right seat for a classic mountain flying scenario. Titled “Box Canyon Turn,” the scenario forces pilots to troubleshoot a flight where they find themselves boxed in with few discernible exit strategies. The scenario gives pilots a step-by-step guide on successfully navigating their airplane out of a box canyon.

The new scenarios add to the library of realistic flight simulator scenarios in Redbird Pro. For each scenario, the app prompts pilots to perform a preflight briefing guided by the host CFI, conduct a flight, review their score for the scenario, and debrief it with the host CFI. 

Even if pilots do not have access to a Redbird simulator, they can use the Chair Flight feature, which puts them in the flight deck with a pilot from the Redbird team, who walks them step-by-step through each scenario. Redbird plans to release several more scenarios in the coming weeks.