AeroGuard Flight Training Center has expanded its international flight training footprint to its third location, with FAA 141 and SEVIS Approval for its Austin, Texas, campus.

The Austin, Texas, training center located at Georgetown Municipal Airport will now have the ability to accept students from around the globe into its accelerated training programs, designed to train airline-ready pilots through a high-quality, professionally-focused curriculum.

As the pilot shortage continues to create struggles for domestic and international carriers, AeroGuard expects to enroll several hundred students across its four campus locations this year with a growing portion enrolling into the International Training Program.

CEO Joel Davidson sees the new expansion effort as a common-sense way to increase the flow of well-trained cadets into the global job market, saying: “There is a global pilot shortage, affecting not only airlines in the U.S., but also internationally as countries remove their pandemic restrictions and see consumer travel return. AeroGuard can deliver the high-quality education required to meet this pilot demand.

“Our international student programs have always been an important part of AeroGuard’s training structure – with approval to train international students at our Phoenix, Arizona, locations. Now with the ongoing global pilot shortage, we see an opportunity to help the industry recover by providing highly skilled pilots to the international pool by expanding our approval for those who wish to train with us in Texas.”

The International Training Program follows the same FAA-Approved curriculum designed with professional, airline-level standards that airlines have come to expect of AeroGuard. With the Austin campus now able to serve a broader demographic, AeroGuard is looking at the bigger picture by addressing the needs of a global market opportunity.

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., Austin is seeing a boom in all areas, including vocational and higher education programs, paving the way for organizations like AeroGuard to grow along with the population and demand for flight training.

With some of the best conditions for year-round flight training and perfect airspace complexity, the Georgetown (GTU) campus will give new International Program students the opportunity to train in a highly structured, safety-focused environment using AeroGuard’s standardized fleet of aircraft.