Guardiaris has unveiled SAMT – the Small Arms Mobile Trainer – an all-in-one, single box solution. It offers straightforward installation and adaptability to infantry small arms, anti-tank weapons, military vehicles, and remote weapon stations. The system supports both marksmanship and tactical training, and provides topological configurability of the training area and the 4D After-Action Review system, which significantly shortens the learning curve.

The system runs on laserless technology, enabled by the patented SAS module. It allows soldiers to move freely within a designated area while using any possible type of weapon. This level of unrestricted tactical motion in any pose significantly enhances training authenticity and immersion. The SAS module supports precise After-Action Review by collecting detailed 6DoF position and orientation from the weapon and shot placement. It even captures data on the shooters’ focus, body posture, biometrics, and cognitive load. Data for each trainee are instantly available for qualitative analysis, enabling rapid personalization of training. After-Action Review with 4D video replay assists trainees in immediately perceiving their instructors’ analysis, which significantly shortens the learning cycle.

The complete SAMT system comes in transportable rugged cases (foldable projection surface, projectors, computers, accessories), which reshapes the concept of military training. Mobility is ensured with straightforward installation, enabling the user to bring the training to the trainees on demand. Regardless of location, SAMT enables training with multiple types of small arms weapons, anti-tank, shoulder-launched weapons and other weapon systems. 

“Due to the system's mobility and scalability, multiple teams can simultaneously train at different locations in the same scenario. This feature unlocks brand new dimensions of military training. When we merge this feature with our scientific approach to learning and the outstanding, high-fidelity synthetic environment, SAMT truly sets the new training standards very high,” said Primož Peterca, CEO of Guardiaris.  

Guardiaris will showcase the new product at Eurosatory in Paris 13-17 June 2022.