Avelo Airlines has opened its third US base at Orlando International Airport. Over the next year, Avelo expects to create up to 150 MCO-based jobs. These positions will be a combination of Avelo cremembers and jobs with Avelo business partners operating at MCO. Roles will include Airport Customer Service, Aircraft Technical Operations and Maintenance, Pilots, Flight Attendants and Supervisors. As the airline add additional aircraft and routes over the next five years, Avelo epxects to create up to 500 MCO-based jobs. 

Avelo is also on track for converging its airline-wide pilot and flight attendant training in Orlando. Initial and recurrent training for all Avelo pilots and flight attendants will be facilitated by Avenger Flight Group (AFG). Training will begin this fall with the completion of the new Orlando training facility next spring. 

Previously conducted in separate locations and, at times, by separate companies, Avelo's pilot and flight attendant training will now be conducted at AFG's new state-of-the-art Orlando campus. The new AFG-based training will provide opportunities for collaborative learning and training in areas such as leadership, evacuation simulations and customer service.

Avelo employs nearly 200 pilots and flight attendants. The airline anticipates hiring hundreds more in the years ahead, many of whom will be based in Orlando.