BAA Training Vietnam has entered a long-term business partnership with Vietravel Airlines, by signing a Memorandum of Understanding for a five-year comprehensive cooperation and Type Rating service agreement. The agreement outlines the provision of flight crew training and simulator leasing.

BAA Training Vietnam will provide a wide range of aviation training services for Vietravel Airlines. They will include MPL, Type Rating, simulator leasing, cabin crew and dispatcher training from the basic, recurrent, upgrade, refresh and others, according to the airline's needs. The new MPL program with competency-based training methods and threat management techniques incorporated in all phases is key for preparing a new generation of safety-conscious and highly competent pilots. 

The first groups of MPL and Type Rating students will include 20 students each annually starting from 2022. The number of students will be increasing proportionally with the aircraft fleet growth that Vietravel Airlines will face over the upcoming years.