Bohemia Interactive Simulations' (BISim) flagship product, VBS4, has successfully completed the United States Marine Corps’ (USMC) government acceptance test (GAT) for the Green Gear project. Using BISim’s VBS4-USMC and VBS Blue IG software, the Marines will benefit from the optimized scenario-creation workflows and the ability to train with other trainees in a wider combined arms scenario.

“With this upgrade, it will be great to see the Marine Corps using our own in-house Call For Fire and Close Air Support modules for artillery and airstrikes.” says Jack Gillette, BISim’s Sr. Software Engineer and tech lead on the Green Gear Project.

The VBS Call For Fire (CFF) is a high-fidelity, easy-to-use indirect fire simulation that simulates round fly-out from the gunline to the target. With VBS Close Air Support (CAS), the Marines will be able to practice the correct procedures and event sequences when requesting and executing close air support by fixed and rotary wing aircraft. When CFF and CAS are used in combination, they will have the capability to practice Joint Fire.

Funded by the United States Marine Corps, the objective of the Green Gear project is to integrate Marine Corps operational hardware devices and fire control systems with Virtual Battlespace (VBS) software for users to “train how they fight” in virtual environments. The project allows the Marines to conduct training with real-world interfaces in a virtual training environment. In the future, Green Gear capability will improve the interoperability of multiple systems in the synthetic world, allowing the Marines to begin their march towards Force Design 2030.