Green Flight Academy, a new Swedish flight academy, has chosen FlightLogger as its software provider. Green Flight Academy is one of the first pilot academies in the world to offer pilot training using electric aircraft.  They are in fact the first commercial flight academy to use the fully electric Pipistrel Velis Electro aircraft for its basic training, and approximately 30% of all their flight training is emission-free. On top of that, Green Flight Academy insists on buying green electricity exclusively.

The academy based in Skellefteå in northern Sweden is ready to start up their first batch of students this summer.

A few weeks ago, Green Flight Academy got their training programs approved by the Swedish CAA. They have now finalized the onboarding to their new FlightLogger flight training management platform when the academy’s staff and instructors completed their training. The new academy is thereby ready to welcome their first batch of students just after the summer holiday.

Green Flight Academy’s Head of Training Johan Nordberg had his sight on FlightLogger already when doing the preparations for launching the new flight academy: ”The system is well thought out and has a nice process that aids in scheduling, training and documentation of day-to-day operations. It makes sense to use FlightLogger to decrease administration so our instructors can focus on providing the best possible training.”

Green Flight Academy has become the 10th training organization in Sweden to use FlightLogger.