ALSIM has made the first sale of an ALSR AATD to Aero Atlanta Flight Center based in Atlanta, Georgia.

The ALSIM ALSR AATD is a new streamlined SR-series Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) and is a replica of the Cirrus Aviation SR20 G6 aircraft. This simulator can be used for various pilot licenses and Cirrus Aircraft transition and familiarization training. The ALSR AATD is equipped with a real Garmin Perspective + and has a small form factor designed for space-constrained environments. The device is delivered in pre-assembled kit that can be self-installed and ready-to-fly in only a couple of hours.

Dr Scott Firsing of ALSIM’s North America office said “We at ALSIM have had many lengthy conversations with Cirrus Aircraft and their training centers. These requirements led to the creation of the new ALSIM ALSR AATD. It allows the pilot to learn the key features of both the aircraft and its avionics. The SR22 and SR22T will also be added next year for even more versatility. Moreover, we are excited that the first unit was bought by the great team at Aero Atlanta.”