Training for Aviation’s Next Era

The 20th European Airline Training Symposium

8-9 November 2022 • Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany


As part of a series of articles focussing on the conference content for EATS 2022, we start by looking at how organisations are tacking the challenges in aviation training.

“Mistakes are inevitable in aviation, especially when one is still learning new things. The trick is to not make the mistake that will kill you,” once said Stephen Coonts, a naval aviator and the author of numerous New York Times bestselling novels.

Human errors play a major role in aviation incidents and accidents with 80 percent of aviation-related incidents involving so-called human factors, and a significant proportion of these are related to operator error.

Can the more holistic approach of Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) deal with these challenges, using progressive and continued development and assessment of pilot competencies?

EATS 2022 welcomes Michael Miller, Director Learning Programs, Boeing, to the podium, where CBTA Value and Challenges will be discussed.

Boeing has now engaged with more than 50 customers around the world, introducing their new CBTA programs, providing customers with access to tools they can use to utilise and start to transition and support their use of CBTA programs. Offering insights on what has been learned from that customer engagement, the presentation will include how CBTA is incorporated in TR vs recurrent, what has been learned about IP training, learnings in SGTOs regarding course and deployment and ongoing challenges and how the industry can assist with the transition.

Miller will be joined in this session by Captain Yann Renier, IATA, and Captain Olivier Mazzoleni, Airbus, looking at CBTA Expansion into Airline Operations and by Capt Chris Ranganathan, Chief Learning Officer, CAE, on Instructor Training for CBTA: A New Paradigm.

“The goal of competency-based training and assessment is to provide a competent workforce for the provision of a safe and efficient air transportation system,” said Yann Renier Head of Training & Licensing SFO, Flight Operations IATA.