The Somnium Space, an immersive metaverse, has partnered with Vrgineers, Inc. and 3D printer manufacturer Prusa Research to further enhance the development of a new open-source (standalone & PC wired) headset. 

This new virtual reality (VR) headset aims to change the restrictive politics in the virtual reality market in general, which was established by big corporate and centralized entities such as Meta’s (former Facebook). As a reaction to these restrictions, the Somnium VR One headset will be built on as open a platform as possible. The Somnium VR One aims to provide an immersive experience while working in both standalone and tethered mode without any restrictions. It will be sold under an unlimited commercial license using Android as an open-source operating system. Thanks to the fact the source code will be openly available, the solution can be used for the commercial sphere.

“Each user deserves to fully own hardware they buy and be able to customize, repair and enhance it anytime,” explains Sychov, Somnium Space Founder & CEO. “We would like to provide an unrestrictive hardware and software environment to all VR enthusiasts around the world. 3D models of the headset parts will be available so that any user with access to a 3D printer can print them out. Android OS source codes will be in a public GIT, this is the freedom for metaverses, where we plan to spend much more time in the future.” 

In order to be cost effective, the electronics and proprietary lenses will be mass manufactured in partnership with Vrgineers and sold by Somnium Space online. Meaning that anyone with the ambition of building their own headset can purchase these components and build the headset by themselves. On the other hand, all customers will be able to purchase a fully assembled Somnium Space headset directly. 

CEO Prusa Research, Josef Prusa has the same approach towards open-sources: “We would like to see other products, such as virtual reality headsets, follow the same open-source, community approach as our Prusa printers. Anyone will be able to download a 3D model of the Somnium Space headset from and print them at home on their printer.”