Red 6 and Boeing have announced plans to integrate Red 6’s Advanced Tactical Augmented Reality System (ATARS) and Augmented Reality Command and Analytic Data Environment (ARCADE) into Boeing-manufactured next-gen aircraft. 

This is a logical, incremental step for Red 6, which has been expanding the technology envelope to advance fast-jet pilot training, first with artificial intelligence and then augmented reality.

Daniel Robinson, Red 6’s CEO and Founder, told a 2022 Air, Space and Cyber Conference media event attended by MS&T that integrated live, virtual, constructive (LVC) training is the only way to train fighter pilots and increase their throughput. “Traditional LVC was only 50 percent of the solution and often resulted in negative training,” he added.

Dan Gillian, Boeing Global Services’ Vice President and General Manager of US Government Services, also pointed out the future of jet fighter pilot training resides in innovative visual solutions, and beyond that, integrated LVC. Boeing plans to begin integration tests of the Red 6 ATARS and ARCADE systems onboard a test TA-4 platform next month. When successful, the two systems will then be integrated into the Boeing T-7 and F-15EX. The executive noted the logic of this selection, reminding attendees the T-7 was built around integrated LVC from the start.

Peering down his two products’ development paths, Red 6’s Robinson envisions fighter pilots using the systems to train in a multitude of ever-more complex scenarios – for example, large-scale force engagements on a squadron basis.