Astrom Training Solutions has released its new CBT courseware for the Airbus A320. It contains updated content reflecting current aircraft systems and procedures, unlike older courseware available for the A320.

The A320 type-rated course includes 3D graphics, where the pilot engages with the cockpit controls to learn and train to perfection. Astrom’s course player reflects the most modern training system available, utilizing realistic cockpit models, clear and accurate design principles and diagrams, and chapter summaries covering key knowledge points for deeper understanding and learning retention.

One of the most prominent advantages of the new A320 course is the built-in Adaptive Learning feature. With adaptive learning, the courseware recognizes where pilots would benefit from a deeper understanding of particular knowledge points and provides instant access to highly focused explanations and reference material.

Astrom’s courseware can be customized to emphasize specific aircraft features, show airline-unique items or branding, and create unique learning experiences for airline pilots.