As part of the airline industry’s post-pandemic recovery, Resource Group, an aviation skills business in Europe, is opening a new regional hub for Apprentice Training at London Luton airport. The new facility, which is being launched in collaboration with British School of Aviation, will make a vital contribution in providing the aviation maintenance skills needed to sustain the industry in the years ahead.

 The project involved a £55k investment to create a large classroom for up to 26 students and an extensively refurbished practical training workshop, with the doors opening to its first group of apprentices on 3rd October 2022. 

Apprentices from airlines including TUI, easyJet, DHL, and Harrods Aviation, will spend the first year of their 2-year apprenticeship programme with Resource Group in Luton, undertaking practical and classroom-based training to gain the relevant skills and qualifications to become Cat A Maintenance Certifying Mechanics.

“The new facility is situated on the grounds of the former Monarch Airlines Engineering Training Academy, so it is really rewarding to see the building being used once again for theoretical and practical training as part of aviation maintenance apprenticeships,” said Executive Director of the British School of Aviation, Anoop Singh Bamrah FRAeS. “There is an obvious synergy with our established Part 147 Type Training courses, and this collaboration allows seamless progression for any employer wishing to progress their apprentices all the way to their chosen aircraft type. The BSA product portfolio is ever increasing with further types coming online and we stand ready to support the apprentice employers with the huge opportunities that this collaboration presents.”

“As the aviation industry has reopened, there has been an immediate and growing need to recruit and train new talent. This project is part of Resource Group’s response to the significant challenge facing our industry,” said Managing Director of Resource Group – Training Solutions, Ian Fitzpatrick. “Our post-pandemic, regional training initiative is designed to bring our training offering closer to our client base, with the sole aim of significantly reducing the burden of apprentice accommodation costs at a time when the industry is largely in recovery mode.”