After successfully implementing virtual reality (VR) technology for procedure training on their MCC course on the Airbus A320, BAA Training will expand the use of VR across its training portfolio. 

BAA Training will add VR procedure training for the Boeing 737NG from Danish provider VRpilot to their training offering while increasing the number of VR headsets available to students. BAA Training currently employs the HTC Vive Focus 3 with VRpilot’s VRflow procedure training software. This standalone VR headset has the right build quality, high resolution, wide field of view and business warranty which fits the needs and requirements of BAA Training.

By expanding the use of VR for procedure training from MCC courses to include type ratings, BAA Training is making VR an integral part of its training program.

Aivaras Lukauskis, Head of Product Development, BAA Training said: "With the support of VRpilot’s software and introducing a new aircraft type, it allows us in BAA to jump on this development and slowly introduce it into our training. Our core training of A320 and NG are now fully covered in Virtual Reality cockpit flow procedures! Next stop B737 MAX!"

Thor Paulli Andersen, Partner, VRpilot said: "BAA Training’s commitment to the use of VR is a testimony to the benefits of using this technology in pilot training. We are proud to collaborate with BAA Training, who is one of our core customers and partners in advocating the use of VR for better, safer and more proficient pilots."

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