Military Simulation & Training (MS&T) magazine has proudly signed up to be exclusive media partner of The Warfighter Podcast, a brand new simulation and training series that provides insight into the future being built by militaries and government agencies around the world.

Co-hosted by Tom Constable, a former British Army Officer turned technology entrepreneur, and ex British Royal Navy officer Colin Hiller, it will launch on November 1st, with bi-weekly episodes and a bonus monthly episode.

The duo will showcase the latest technologies, projects and concepts from across Defence, Government and Industry and provide an educational resources for those new to the industry, helping to breakdown complex subjects and unscramble acronyms, which will aid even the most experienced in the industry. 

Tom and Colin will interview government leaders, industry pioneers and subject matter experts, with MS&T special correspondent Andy Fawkes featuring regularly.

As the leading simulation and training publication for the global defence industry for more than three decades, MS&T Magazine is the perfect partner for this new series.

"The Warfighter Podcast has all the ingredients to be a popular series that informs and entertains the industry," Halldale President and CEO Andy Smith said.

"Tom and Colin have proud records in the military and everyone at MS&T is confident that they will provide a valuable resource to the industry.

You can get a snippet of what to expect by listening to The Warfighter Podcast trailer below.