In the run-up to I/ITSEC 2023, Tom and Colin host a special episode of The Warfighter Podcast,  sponsored by Hadean and delivered in two parts.

Firstly, they introduce Royal O'Brien, Global CTO for Hadean . Royal has a considerable track record with the likes of Amazon, The Linux Foundation and a host of games-related companies, including foundational work on the O3DE platform and Open Metaverse Foundation.

Not dodging the hard questions, this interview gave us the chance to ask a burning question - Is the Military Metaverse dead? You might think we’d regret asking this of Royal, but he then took us on a whirlwind tour of all the novel technologies and challenges facing military simulation and training. Including subjects as diverse as managing huge datasets, leveraging generative AI, true interoperability beyond the current standards, and integrating the human in the loop.

This discussion reminds us of the huge challenges the military users and industry have to harness these recent developments, which only seem to be accelerating.

We are also joined by Andy Fawkes and Marty Kauchek from Military Simulation & Training magazine, who provide a look ahead to I/ITSEC and point out the things to watch out for if you’re heading out that way.


Military Simulation & Training (MS&T) magazine has proudly signed up to be the exclusive media partner of The Warfighter Podcast, a brand-new simulation and training series that provides insight into the future being built by militaries and government agencies around the world.

The show is co-hosted by Tom Constable, a former British Army Officer turned technology entrepreneur, and ex-British Royal Navy officer Colin Hiller.

MS&T special correspondent Andy Fawkes is also a regular guest, providing a digest of the recent modelling & simulation news, with some discussion around the more interesting trends.