In October 2022, Coptersafety’s H145 D-2, CAE AW139, and TRU AW139 full-flight simulators were qualified to Level-D by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) National Simulator Program (NSP). A Level-D qualification is only assigned to full-flight simulators that meet the highest standards by the FAA.

This is the first H145 D-2 simulator qualified by the FAA outside of the United States, as well as the first H145 D-2 qualified for NVG training tasks outside of the United States.

Coptersafety’s H145 Level-D full flight simulator is currently equipped with Helionix Step 2 avionics, the CAE AW139 Level-D full flight simulator is currently equipped with Phase 5 avionics, and Coptersafety’s TRU AW139 Level-D full flight simulator is currently equipped with Phase 7 avionics.

Realistic training features in Coptersafety’s simulators include cockpit vibration, smoke generation, 3D clouds, night and NVIS/NVG visual scenes. Scenarios can be taken from known geographical locations and landing sites by creating scenes in a wide variety of gaming areas and fields of operation. Different visual environments in known geographic locations and landing sites can be customized by the company’s in-house visual model team based on customer requests.

Pilots and crews can now book to train in Coptersafety’s FAA qualified Level-D H145 D-2 full flight simulator for their training, testing and checking, as well as NVG training tasks, among others. An additional FAA Part 142 course will become available soon. The FAA qualified Level-D AW139 full flight simulators are available for tasks such as Airborne Radar Approaches, Offshore Standard Approach Procedures, and NVG training tasks, among others. Additionally, pilots can attend one of Coptersafety’s FAA Part 142 approved AW139 Type Rating, ATP, or Recurrent training courses.