SIMAERO successfully completed the relocation of a Boeing 757/767 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) from Shanghai to the HENAN Civil Aviation Development & Investment Aviation Training Center (HNCA) in Zhengzhou, despite the various local restrictions and challenges of the Covid pandemic.

The Boeing B757/767 FFS is the first simulator of wide-body type aircraft in central China, and the fourth FFS operated by the HNCA training center.

The simulator, installed by SIMAERO, passed successfully the CAAC's Level D certification. The certification allows initial and recurrent pilot training as well as proficiency checks.   

The introduction of this B757/767 simulator is very important for the Chinese aviation market. The lack of wide-body aircraft flight training capabilities is now reduced, especially in the region of central China. Local domestic operators, as well as foreign operators, will be able to use the flight training services for their pilots' initial qualification and recurrent training, with a positive impact on the safety of aircraft operations in China.