Halldale are delighted to announce a brand new series of CAT Leader Forum Webinars, hosted in partnership with the ATPG (Aircrew Training Policy Group)

The first in the series takes place on January 24th 2023 and is on Environmental APS MCC. It focuses on a training module crafted and approved via EASA which covers the training of aircrew for fuel-efficient flight ops while recognising that flying the aircraft is the priority and will allow the sponsor to show their support for safe operations and the very hot topic of airline sustainability.

The ATPG's ATO & Sustainability sub group, coordinated by Andy O'Shea, will lead us through their vision of the proposed changes that allow for a rapid application of environmental sustainability training to future airline pilots through a cost-neutral enhancement to the APS MCC. These changes have also been designed to be compatible with a proposed update to AMC 2 to FCL.735.

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Also in this series:

CBTA - March 28th, 2023 

Competency to Tools - June 7th, 2023

About ATPG

The ATPG is a voluntary group of professional pilot training industry experts that contributes to the EASA vision of European aviation safety as set out in the Agency’s Single Programming Document (SPD). The focus is on the promotion of effective, efficient and relevant flight crew training that is aligned with the training needs of commercial operators and approved training organisations, and provides a vision for the direction of long term training. 

The ATPG interfaces with EASA at Director and Department head level and holds regular meetings at EASA HQ in Cologne.